15 Great Looking Woodworking Ideas that You Can Make!

If you're are anything like me, then you hate waste.  Particularly when it comes to wood.  I mean, I even have a tear in my eye as I am throwing off-cuts into my wood-burner!

​ I have a shed in my back yard that is full of things that I just don't want to throw away.  

From old wooden pallets that were used to deliver the bricks for a house extension we built 5 years ago.  Solid wood, internal doors when it was decided that "open plan" was the way forward.  To off-cuts on fence panels when a storm almost blew our garden away 2 years ago.


Yeah......I've got a lot of stuff in that shed!

Yet, there is so much untapped potential in there.  And, you don't have to be equipped with a whole range of tools to bring these things to life!

I've pulled together a ​list of ideas that anyone could have a go at making.  Whether you are the novice woodworking just feeling your way your hobby.  Or the established woodworker desperate to make use of waste stock laying around, then there will almost certainly be something here that grabs your attention!

1]  Wooden Tea Light Holder

Let there  be light!  Get your project off to a great start with these tea light candle holder.  

I'm sure that you'll agree these really are straight forward to make, but don't they look awesome?!

2]  Wooden Bird House

Now, the homemade birdhouse is a classic.  Simple to make and often one of the first projects taken on by the aspiring woodworker.  Almost everyone will have some sort of material lying around that will work.  

As long as you have a saw that cuts a straight line, a hammer and some nails, then you're off and running!

3]  Ye Olde Wooden Platter

You know, sometimes, the best creations are also the simplest. Making a rustic cheese board takes no time at all, and you won't need to get yourself a chainsaw or any other expensive tools for that matter!

You'll need to apply several oil coatings of oil, but leave over night and it's ready to use in the morning! ​

4]  The Wine Plank

Fitness experts tell us that doing the plank everyday is really good for your posture and well-being, however I'm pretty sure that this is probably not what they had in mind!

Once again, this design is really quite straight forward to construct.

And this can fit into whatever space you have available, by altering the number of planks you use or cutting to your required length.

Click here to see thickness planers, great for getting a consistent finish on rough stock!

5]  Arts & Crafts

My house is full to the brim with all this sort of nik-nak stuff.  My good wife just can't get enough them!

The little wooden angels are made by a friend of ours.  The beauty is in their simplicity and we have many, many similar items in our house!

6]  Wooden Clock Face

Just take one busted old clock, of course with the mechanism still intact.  One plank of wood, cut into 3.  Get a bit arty with some stencilling.

The great thing here is that it does need to be perfectly symmetrical.  In fact​, being a little rough round the edges just adds to a more rustic feel.

7]  Simple Wooden Crate

Need somewhere to store your vegetables, or anything else for that matter!

Get that old crate and transform it in to set of authentic wooden boxes.

8]  Wooden Boot Rack

Even if you don't actually have a boot wearing, cowboy centipede lodging in your house, we all have could use one of these boot storage racks.

If you've got any pieces of plywood, or MDF laying about, then this practical and simple design is a project waiting to happen!!

9]  Wood-grain Love Hearts

You don't have to be an Elvis Presley fan to enjoy these wooden hearts!

Personally, I just love the wood grain.  If you are keeping them outside then you'll need to apply wood preserve

Depending upon the thickness of the log, then a bandsaw might be really helpful in making these tight cuts.  

Click here if are interested in looking at the best benchtop bandsaws.

10]  Wooden Mantel

This old wooden beam lay in my garage gathering dust for years before I thought about making it into an old rustic wooden mantel.

Make sure to coat several time with an appropriate heat resistant ​product and to leave sufficient space from your burner to avoid scorching!!

11]  Wooden Toy Train

Tell me if there is a better feeling than building a toy train with your kids (or grand kids!!) and then looking on as they get engrossed playing with it?!

The cost of the materials, more or less nothing!  The pleasure you get, priceless!!!!​

12]  Garden Bench

What a great feeling it is, relaxing in your garden on a warm summers evening, cool beer in hand, sitting down on a bench that you have created?

​Again, look at the simplicity of this design of this sturdy garden bench!

13]  External Wood Feature 

If you've struggling to make use of those logs that have been laying around the back yard for so long, then look at this for inspiration!

14]  Frame That Beauty Spot

What a way to accentuate  a feature in you back garden.  This arrangement really brings the background to the fore.

Just imagine what this would look like in the height of summer, with all the colors of summer fully in bllom

15]  Wooden Picture Frame

Keeping with the framed theme, look at how awesome this tired old piece of wood has transformed?

You could potentially insert a small mirror or a glass cover photograph here.  It will look superb either way!!​

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