Why DIY is Good for the Mind, Body and Soul!

Do-it-yourself, or DIY as it’s more commonly known, can be more than just saving a few bucks by fixing something yourself or putting up a shelf. It can actually help you reconnect with some all-important core values and well, just make you feel good!


It brings so many positive things to make you feel happy about yourself, DIY is almost like your own personal therapy session. For instance, you can help the environment by recycling or upcycling, unleash your creativity, give yourself a sense of pride and accomplishment and define your own sense of style. It doesn’t stop there, if you have kids then you can even use DIY to bond with them in ways you never thought possible.

Another way to think about DIY is how it teaches you new life skills. There are so many jobs around the house that with a little knowledge, you can easily do yourself. These new skills can be the basis for tackling more and more involved home projects.

You will also often find when concentrating on a DIY project that you get into a ‘zone’ where you are single-mindedly pursuing your goal of completing the job in hand. Experts call this a form of ‘mindfulness’ and is very good for your mind, body, and soul.

If ever there was something that could be described as a ‘win-win’, then taking up DIY is right up there as a top candidate.

We’re going to explore some of these aspects of DIY here and see how tackling those jobs and projects around the home could be of more benefit than you realize.

Bring out the Fixer Upper in you!

A creative person is not something everyone would describe themselves as, but when you learn how to make or fix things with your own hands, it’s surprising how even the most self-professed non-creatives start thinking in creative ways. Soon you will be looking at everything you do or see and be thinking to yourself ‘How could I make that?’ or ‘What could I do to make that better?’

Doing things yourself is a great way to kick start your creative juices and in no time at all, you will find that this will take hold in other parts of your life too. Try it and see if we’re wrong!

Do your bit for Mother Earth!

Recycling and up-cycling are both important ways you can use your new-found creativity to not only save yourself some money but also help save the planet. Converting unwanted and discarded goods into stylish and desirable items around the home is one of the most satisfying ways you can use your DIY skills.

Taking that old dresser Grandma had in her house that was going to be thrown away, and making it into a vintage sideboard for your own home provides so many comforting feelings. Not only have you got something to remember a person close to your heart by, but you’ve up-cycled something that might otherwise have gone into landfill.

Passing on valuable skills to your kids

Passing on these skills and values to your children can provide not only the satisfaction of knowing you’ve taught them something useful, but can also be a great bonding experience. That’s if you can prize them away from their computer games, phones or music of course!

Try getting them involved in helping to fix something to start with. Giving your kids a problem to solve is a great way to get them interested and they can see an instant result which reinforces the feeling of achievement. Ideal starter projects are fixing the wobbly table leg or putting a handle back on a drawer. It’s important to let them do as much as they can themselves as well, all the while offering encouragement and a helping hand where needed.

Don’t be afraid to show them some of the tips and tricks you’ve picked up along the way as well. We all have to learn things from somewhere and what better way than to pass it from parent to child. Every time they use that trick they will think of you and thank you for it in years to come, before eventually passing it on to their own children!

If you can find projects that you both like doing and working on together, then you will have something many parents never have, a common interest with their kids where they can spend time and have fun in each other’s company.

Pride and Sense of Achievement

That feeling of achievement we all get when we successfully complete a job or project is priceless to our self-esteem and feeling good about ourselves. There are so few opportunities in life where we can plan something, work on it and see it through to completion and then get to enjoy it afterward. You should never underestimate the power of being able to say… ‘I did that’.

It’s important to remember that as part of this journey, it’s ok to fail. Failure is just a part of the learning process and next time, you’ll do it better. With DIY, you have the chance to do just that.

Working on your projects encourages a state of mindfulness as we mentioned earlier. There are a few definitions of this, but one that fits the way a DIYer might think is this:

A Positive Mental Attitude

“A mental state achieved by focusing one's awareness on the present moment, whilst calmly acknowledging and accepting one's feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations.”

That’s exactly how you will feel when focused on the job or task you are working on at that moment in time. It’s not uncommon to be engrossed in a project and look at your watch to find several hours have passed without you even noticing.

This form of meditation is very popular today and some people spend thousands just learning how to achieve that state of mind, whereas you can get there whenever you want for free!

So, when a friend or loved one asks you why you love fixing things around the house or taking on home improvement projects, you can say to them.....

‘Because DIY is good for the soul’.

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