Jet Bandsaw 14″ Deluxe Pro: Is this as good as advertised?

In this review, we’re going to take a look at the Jet 14″ Deluxe Pro Bandsaw (JWBS-14DXPRO), one of the more popular models of the Jet bandsaw range. We are going to look at the build design specifications and cost to examine whether this Jet bandsaw really is as good as advertised.

JET Tools proclaim to be a customer champion, providing quality, innovative products andservices across the United States over the past 50 years.

This is among the latest Jet bandsaw machines that have been introduced to the market. The product has been engineered to meet current market demands of the woodworkers. The product boasts updated and innovative features that provide reliable precision while eliminating the riser block.

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Just who is this Jet Bandsaw for?

Until recently, the Jet bandsaw had been looked upon as the tool of choice for the hobbyist, mainly as previous versions of this class were just too lightweight for heavier cutting. However, no longer will you be waltzing around your workshop whilst re-sawing. It’s cast iron frame and wheels has added significant weight to the tool, providing much needed stability so that it doesn’t look out of place of any professional’s workshop.  So, whether you are the hobbyist with ambition, or the Pro wanting that extra precision, the Jet 14″ Deluxe Pro Bandsaw may be the option for you.

Jet Bandsaw Image

Pretty much ready straight from the box

This bandsaw comes pretty much straight out of the box and ready to use, once you have adjusted your blade settings.

You can’t really understate how important it is to set up your bandsaw correctly from the beginning, which is sometimes no easy ask to achieve for other makes and model of bandsaw.  However, this Jet band saw has a number of features that make the process of initially setting up and changing your blade settings so much easier.

View Window

The machine comes with two cast iron, spoked wheels, with a high quality polyurethane tyre. This yellow tyre makes it really easy to see the blade, which can be viewed through the View Window in the upper wheel chamber. This great safety feature allows you to make your tracking adjustments without needing to keep he wheel door open, exposing the rotating blade.

Blade tension is easily adjusted, with a dial set according to the width of your blade. And a tension release handle makes it easy to switch out your blade, a really convenient feature not available in many of its competitors.

No more searching for your tools, or blades, as the saw comes on an enclosed stand, which makes great use of otherwise lost space.

Makes your cuts with surgical precision

This Jet bandsaw comes with a large 15 x 15 inch cast iron table, complete with a mitre slot and separate slot for changing blade. The table can tilt 45 degrees to the outside and 10 degrees inside towards the frame. At a height at 43 inches, the table allows for closer point of view when completing more intricate cutting.

It doesn’t come with a fence, which isn’t a problem is you already have one to switch over.  Otherwise, you will either have to buy one separately, or make one yourself.  Either way, this ought not to be seen as a deal breaker given other really useful features of the tool.

Unlike a lot of similar products, the blade is held in place by roller bearing guides both at the top and the bottom, reducing the chances of blade deflection occurring which of course can lead to inaccurate cuts. Adjusting the bearings is easy and can mostly be achieved without need for tools, using thumb screws and knobs.

The frame is cast iron provides far more strength and rigidity, making it is far less prone to bending when operating under stress. The blade post is easily adjusted up and down, comes with a height scale (in inch and metric) and a blade cover guard that automatically extends and retracts as you adjust the height setting.

Roller Guides


Maintaining this bandsaw isn’t a drag

Everyone knows that maintaining your tools will ensure that they continue to work well and last for longer. That said, you also don’t want to be spending all of your time cleaning the machine, so you want a tool that is designed to minimise the time you need to spend on maintenance.

The lower case contains a 4-inch dust port which is located in line with the blade, exactly where the dust is directed, thus ensuring that as much is extracted as possible. Obvious as that may seem, this positioning is not always as well thought through by rivals.

Factory Brush

The lower wheel is also installed with a brush ensuring the dust is kept where it belongs in the lower case where the dust extract port is.

Keeping a regular eye on your blade tracking (particularly after you’ve installed a new one) and making sure that roller bearing guides are set up just right will ensure that you are able to use your bandsaw for years to come.


Enough power to take on the biggest of jobs

With a 1.25 HP motor, the Jet 14″ Deluxe Pro Bandsaw is able to tackle the biggest of jobs, will cut through 13.5 inches on the flat and has a resaw capacity of 12 inches. You can choose blade speed from the 2-speed poly-v belt drive system ensuring better control, precision and ultimately results.



Detailed Specifications


Cost & Conclusion

The Jet 14″ Deluxe Pro Bandsaw (JWBS-14DXPRO) is priced at $999.99 in, which comes with free shipping to customers in the United States. The price is certainly not excessive given the quality of the machine, and sits broadly in the middle section for band saws of this class.

Whether you are the hobbyist wanting to make the next step, or a professional looking to enhance the toolkit in your workshop, the Jet 14″ Deluxe Pro will not disappoint.

Doubtless, there are cheaper alternatives out there, however this stands out from other band saws in its class when you consider the whole package. A heavy and sturdy table, together with a large resaw capacity, and with oodles of power should mean you will have no regrets if you do choose to take the plunge.

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