Husqvarna 455 Rancher 20-Inch Gas-Powered Chainsaw

Without doubt the Husqvarna 455 Rancher is one of the most popular chainsaw models for homeowners, farmers, ranchers or anyone with a decent amount of land to look after.



It features a powerful 55.5cc engine and 20-inch bar with the ability to take bars from 13 inches right up to 20 inches making it extremely versatile.  Although being on the heavy side of average at 12.8lbs, it is not the best saw for constant extended use.

The build quality on this saw is near professional grade and with excellent anti-vibration technology, and easy starting, this saw is definitely a machine that you can depend on for the most demanding landowner jobs.

We do recommend though that if you are a novice user, then maybe you should go with one of the smaller models like the Husqvarna 450 or 435 until you learn how to handle a large, powerful chainsaw.

If you are a serious land-owner user I wouldn't hesitate to buy this saw. It can, when properly set up, mow through some serious lumber in a respectable amount of time.

Ed. C
Colorado, USA

The Husky 455 is not the cheapest but is comfortably in the mid-range price bracket for a near professional saw. Quality comes at a price and when you consider what you get with this model, it represents great value for money.

Capacity & Performance

The 455 Rancher is powered by one of the Husqvarna X-Torq engines with 55.5cc capacity developing nearly 3.5hp of power at a maximum speed of 9,000rpm. These engines have been designed to cut harmful exhaust emissions by up to 75%.  As well as reduce fuel consumption by up to 20% and are considered very good engines in the 2-stroke power tool world.

The saw starts easily and powers through any type of wood. As with any chainsaw, you have to keep the chain sharp…

James l. Deville
LA, California

The power and speed of this saw mean it has very good performance when it comes to cutting through both hard and softwood. It’s powerful enough to take on most heavy duty jobs with the capacity to spare and can handle felling large trees and heavy bucking (cutting a tree trunk into logs).

A good chain is at the heart of a chainsaw’s performance and this model comes equipped with a professional grade anti-kickback chain with 0.375” pitch and 0.058” gauge. Keep this one sharp and lubricated properly and it will serve you very well in all situations.

Things to look out for

There are lots of reviews for this product due to its popularity which are mostly positive with very few problems reported.

There are always things to look out for though and with this chainsaw here are a few things we’ve picked up to keep it running smoothly:

  • Always use good quality, clean gasoline of at least an 87 octane rating and mix with a good 2-stroke oil at the ratio of 50 parts gas to 1 part oil.
  • Use the pre-mixed Husqvarna branded fuel for the best results.
  • Read the manual all the way through as it contains everything you need to know including safety information.
  • Keep the chain sharp and tensioned correctly for the best performance.
  • Check the automatic oiler is working correctly and the chain oil tank topped up at all times.
  • Make sure you buy model number 965030298 to get a fully assembled chainsaw rather than one where you have to install the bar and chain yourself.

Summing it up

This is a great chainsaw, no doubt about it.  It may be too heavy and powerful for an inexperienced user though.  So, we recommend looking at one of the smaller models if you don’t need something as heavy duty as the 455 Rancher.

Best for:

  • Demanding jobs such as heavy duty clean-ups after a storm.
  • Difficult pruning jobs.
  • Bucking large trees.
  • Tree felling and cutting up firewood.
  • Will cut both soft and hardwood easily.
  • Experienced users.

Not so good for:

  • Extended use when doing jobs like limbing.
  • Light duty pruning and trimming.
  • Novice chainsaw users.

You can find the best deals for the Husqvarna 455 on Amazon at the moment and don’t forget to take advantage of the extended warranty program.

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