DeWALT Table Saw DWE7491RS: Fold up and Wheel Away!

The Dewalt DWE 7491RS is a fantastic table saw with many amenities to make your project that much easier. Like the other saws we have seen, you are getting a quality that just can’t be beat.


Who is it for?

This table saw can be used for a large variety of people. However, I think it would be best suited for someone that needs to move their table saw from place to place on a daily or weekly basis.

It definitely has the quality you are looking for if you are a construction professional. It is for a serious woodworker or hobbyist.

Table saws are serious power tools and should be treated accordingly. If you or the person you are buying for has never touched one before, I’d say it’s a little too powerful for them.

It also has so many different applications that are unnecessary for someone that is just getting started with woodworking.

Portable & Stable

Perhaps the best feature of this table saw, is its uncanny ability to pick up and go anywhere. With the ability to fold up and then be wheeled away, it truly is the perfect table saw for on the job.

Although, if you are an experienced carpenter using this at home, it could just as easily save you a lot of space. You can simply pack it up and store it elsewhere in between uses. This could free up your shop quite a bit!

On top of it being able to fold and go, this stand is extremely stable. You don’t have to use shims and other random jobsite findings to keep it from tipping on you.

The wheels are very hefty and able to withstand whatever you throw at them. Push through jobsite clutter, ramp over curbs, and bump up or down steps with ease. The 26 ¼ inch by 22-inch table allows for stability beyond comparison.

If portability, repeat-ability, reliability, and ease of use are a priority, then this is a phenomenal saw.

J. Tate

Another feature related to portability is the Dewalt DWE 7491RS’s storage system. It has a capacity to hold everything you need to complete your saw job. The storage also allows you to get to all of the extra goodies that come with this saw including: the 10-inch 24-Tooth Carbide Blade, push stick, and the miter gauge.

Cutting with Accuracy & Power

Beyond its portability and durability, the projects you can complete utilizing this granddaddy of a machine are virtually endless. Some of the jobs are pretty common, but really you can just compound on them to create the product you want. From ripping filler boards and floor boards, to cross cutting material, it would be hard to find a job this saw couldn’t do.

Its 32 ½ inch rip capacity is astounding and provides the ability to cut larger items without sacrificing quality. Think four by eight feet! Not only that, but it’s rack and pinion fence system is going to save you so much time and money. It allows for a professional product every time. Not looking for larger ticket items? The flip-over ripping fence and material support can help you create the narrow rip cuts you dread.

We’ve covered a few basic jobs, but this saw also has the ability to work with two by twelve-inch framing lumber and material up to three inches thick! How does it do this without burning out? The Dewalt boasts a 15-amp motor to cruise through whatever material you are using like butter.​

Compact & Versitile

The fact that this saw can fit in tight spaces should definitely appeal to construction professionals and home hobbyists alike. It’s unique telescoping fence rails can slide back and forth to create the sizing you need. This table saw also can make some impressive cuts. It gloats cutting to a depth of 3 1/8 inch at a 90-degree angle and 2 ¼ inch at a 45-degree angle.

It feels much more powerful and solid compared to the older, smaller model. I'm really impressed that the fence can go out so wide when making cuts. Although you will probably need a helping hand or some other kind of support with the larger cut since this is a portable saw and the actual table size is fairly compact.

A. Housley

Dust Collection

​Finally, I assume that time is money for you as well as most people. Using all the extra time it takes to clean up the site or your shop after a long day is the opposite of how you want to use your time. Don’t you want to sit back and relax? That’s what I thought.

With the 2-inch dust collection port, you don’t have to spend time sweeping and fighting the losing battle with sawdust. Just hook it up to your vacuum and.....Taa-daa!! You just saved a good ten to fifteen minutes of clean up time. Coupled with the portability factor, you could potentially shave 30 minutes off your work day.

Summing It up

While the Dewalt DWE 7491RS is not very every person, it is an incredible saw. It’s featured portability and impressive abilities set it apart from your average joe table saw. You can buy it now on Amazon by clicking here.

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