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15 Great Looking Woodworking Ideas that You Can Make!

If you're are anything like me, then you hate waste.  Particularly when it comes to wood.  I mean, I even have a tear in my eye as I am throwing off-cuts into my wood-burner!

​ I have a shed in my back yard that is full of things that I just don't want to throw away.  

From old wooden pallets that were used to deliver the bricks for a house extension we built 5 years ago.  Solid wood, internal doors when it was decided that "open plan" was the way forward.  To off-cuts on fence panels when a storm almost blew our garden away 2 years ago.

5 Top Tips on How to Resaw Effectively

There is no other type of sawing that tests out your bandsaw quite like resawing. Some bandsaws are well equipped to deal with the strain of resawing.  Larger bandsaws generally have larger motors and heavier components. And the additional power this provides certainly benefits when you are taking on significant cutting projects.

However, power counts for little if you don’t get the basics right.  So, before you start your next resawing job, the following tips should help ensure that you are getting the best possible cutting results.